Correct me if I'm wrong, but if our great state is willing to give Hollywood's movie industry a tax break to film here then shouldn't we get a percentage of their take at the box office?

Afterall, Tom Cruise is the one who got that ball rolling on the 'buck a butt' deals by taking a pay cut on the front end of his contract in hopes of making even more once we all packed theaters to see him do what he does on the big screen!
Today, 50 Cent is moving his set out of Grand Rapids to New Orleans.  Filming is scheduled to begin later this month.
Apparently, this one-sided deal is not appealing enough for his cast and crew.  I'm okay with their decision from a business standpoint.  However, Michigan needs to protect itself from giving back what it doesn't have to give.  Fair is fair and if both sides of the coin are willing to cough up incentives then I think we have a real deal, agree?
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