Talk about a mobile home... Mobile because it's moving... Ahhhhh, nevermind.


How do you move a 130 ton house from the Holland Energy Park to Holland Heights? Very carefully! If you saw this house pass you on the road earlier this week you weren't seeing things.

via City of Holland

As someone who just bought a house, this video really hits home(!). When you're trying to find a home, you're looking for certain things in the house, like layout, and storage space for example. But you also want a good neighborhood and schools, or a big back yard.

Well, it looks like these guys are getting the best of both worlds. The neighborhood they wanted and the house to boot!

I hate to think how much that move cost, but I guess when you're in love with a house you do what you have to.

Still a super impressive feat. Congrats to the crew for pulling it off(!).