Talk about unintended results. At Michigan State University they were using a high resolution 3D printer to make a model of a hand. It worked better than expected.

Michigan State University biometrics researchers created a life-size 3-D model hand complete with fingerprints using a 3-D high resolution printer. While intended to help calibrate fingerprint scanners, they realized this technology could be used to spoof someone’s hand and steal their identity. Now they want manufacturers to design a spoof-resistant scanner.

Michigan State University via YouTube

I want to say printing out fingerprints was in a mission impossible movie. I just don't remember which one.

Still crazy that 3D printing has come so far so fast. It doesn't seem like all that long ago the printers came out. Now they're so precise they can duplicate fingerprints? Nuts!

There's this story about someone 3D printing a play house style castle (play castle?). You can see it's not exactly smooth, then again, they're working with concrete.

Still kinda neat.