If you're driving around the south east side of Grand Rapids and you smell the fresh spraying of a skunk, send your 'thank you' notes to my neighbor.

I had a pretty solid Saturday night. I sat at home, taking pictures of all the wildlife that hangs out between my apartment building, and my neighbor's, on the south east side of the city.

I had noticed stray cats hanging around the parking lot, then I saw my neighbor put food out to feed them. Big no no!




It might be hard to see, but that is one of FOUR skunks that had a feast in the cat bowl. Mind you, these were all less than 25 feet away from where I was taking the pics.

Shortly after these guys waddled away, THESE guys waddled into the picture...

Do I live in a petting zoo? Because shortly after these guys passed through, I spotted THIS guy!


Hey look! It's the stray cat my neighbor was trying to feed.

The last three photos were taken within maybe 15 minutes of each other. I was waiting for disaster. The ducks, or the cat, lunging onto the skunks; all four spraying and me needing to evacuate the neighborhood.

Luckily, all was good because Sheriff Chipmunk was on guard..


I don't think I've ever seen so much random wildlife hanging out.

Anyway, my point in all this is to not leave food outside at night. Unless you want to be stared down by four hungry skunks when you try to make your way to the door of your house.

Now, THAT was a hot Saturday night!