Remember yesterday when I giddily announced in a blog that there was a really good chance that 'N Sync would be reuniting at Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards? Remember our collective excitement at the thought of one of our favorite boybands singing on stage together for the first time in over a decade? Remember that? Well, turns out that we got our hopes up for nothing. 

'N Sync actually began trending on Twitter shortly after word started getting around. That was the point at which we realized that we're old and that there are now people in the world who have no idea who 'N Sync is.

According to, During his radio show, Dirty Pop with Lance Bass, Lance addressed the rumors and also the fact that the now defunct boy band was trending on social media yesterday by saying,

Justin Timberlake is getting the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award this Sunday at the awards, so of course people are automatically going to think we’re going to be there performing, but this is exactly how it happened and I knew these rumors were going to fly. I think that's what started the rumor that there's going to be this big reunion with 'N Sync. It's amazing to see the reaction out there on Twitter and social media [and] how many people are supporting 'N Sync. It's so nice to see because when we ended things [over] 10 years ago, there was no social media, there was no Twitter, but it's so cute to see how many people are supporting [us], and 'N Sync was even trending.

So, I'm sorry I got your hopes up. I'm sorry I dashed your hopes and dreams. And if you need me, I'll be over here listening to "Bye Bye Bye" on repeat for the next few hours.