The whole chase lasted only about 15 minutes but the 48-year-old Georgia woman managed to drive through two counties.

On Saturday morning, she was driving along I-75, in Saginaw County, when she passed a trooper going over 100 mph. Instead of pulling over after cops signaled her, she instead kept driving.

After getting off at an exit in Genesee County (near Flint), the woman attempted to get back on the interstate, however, a state cop was waiting by the on-ramp. MLive says the cop...

initiated a tactical driving maneuver, spinning the vehicle out and sending it into a light pole, then a ditch, enabling police to prevent the vehicle from driving off..."

Luckily, no other cars were hit during the chase and no one was injured.

Once arrested, the woman was described as naked and not making sense.

She was taken to a hospital for evaluation because police were unsure if the incident was related to drugs or a medical condition. They also don't know what her connection to Michigan is.