With three kids four and under, my wife and I feel it is important to have a nativity scene at home.  It's a great way to help explain the true meaning of Christmas to the kids.

We still put out the nice porcelain set (up high and out of reach) but we have a special Fisher Price nativity scene for the kids.  It's fun to watch them play with it and see what special twists they come up with.

For example, as you can see from the picture, our 4-year-old feels that all of the animals should get priority seating.

Our 2-year-old boy occasionally adds a 4th wiseman...a Transformer.

Our 6-month-old isn't picky about the set up, but he does like to chew on the manger.

And then there was the time the kids were in a panic because the whole scene was set up nicely with one problem...Baby Jesus was missing!  Don't worry, we found him in the kitchen.

Whether your nativity scene includes Transformers or is a little more traditional, I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas!