I've had many conversations with Janna about how much she wanted to be a mermaid when she was little. Well, now her dreams can come true (kinda) as long as she can make her way to a new school in the Philippines! 

The Phillipine Mermaid Swimming Academy in Manila offers lessons in how to swim like the mermaids by strapping on a tail and learning underwater breathing techniques.

For about $40 per class, students can take two hour long "mermaid snorkeling" lessons that are taught by certified diving instructors, and for $120 you can spend two hours doing "mermaid scuba diving"!

The school caters to all age groups and genders, and strives to "make your fantasy come true and escape into the mysterious mythical world of mermaids."

That's right. This school teaches you how to become a mermaid. Eight-year-old Janna probably would have figured out how to buy a ticket to Manila by now by starting the world's most lucrative lemonade stand.
Frankly, the "Mermaid Swimming Academy" is really just a glorified snorkel class. But, who cares? They give you a mermaid tail to swim in and everything! They also teach you how to do "mermaid tricks," such as "dolphin kicks, hand stands, and blowing a kiss underwater," in addition to the most important lesson of all: a mermaid makeover and photo shoot, which you could then send to your friends and family as a Christmas card if you felt so inclined.