So, we all know that making New Year's resolutions are much easier than keeping those resolutions. One of the biggest reasons we fail is because we make resolutions that are fairly IM-possible for us to keep. So, Cosmopolitan magazine set out to find some that we can actually make, keep and make us feel good keeping them!

#1 Eat More Veggies and Fruits

This is really easy to do and won't break your bank. Everyone is always saying they want to be more health conscious and this is one really easy way to do it!

#2 Choose To Be Happy

This time of year with the junky weather and stress it can be hard to have a positive attitude. However it goes without saying that the more you smile the easier it gets so try to smile a little more every single day.

#3 Volunteer Once A Month

People always make resolutions about trying to give more to charity. Instead of having to cough of up the cash give a little time to a cause you're really passionate about. Take your sig other or a bestie and it'll feel more like fun than work!

#4 Express More Gratitude

Saying 'Thank You' a little more will go a loooooong way! Friends, sig other, the boss at work. Try it a few more times a week and you'll never know where it will get you!

#5 Find a type of Exercise you'll actually like

Fitness goals are by far the hardest for people to reach. But, it's a lot easier to find an exercise you'll actually like and stick to that than just running on the treadmill for an hour. So, make a resolution to try to kinds of exercises and hopefully you'll find one you LOVE...then makes some fitness goals.