New Year's resolutions are so predictable.  Losing weight and getting in shape are fine, but here's a few more ideas for 2012.

Take a break from lip dubs. It was fun while it lasted, but the entire world now knows that Grand Rapids is not a "dying city".  We can finally leave the lip dubbing to the experts...teenage actresses who sing into hairbrushes on Disney TV movies.

Stop complaining about ArtPrize. Art critics have said that allowing the public to decide the winner of ArtPrize was a mistake.  Starting in 2012, ArtPrize will award a $100,000 juried prize in addition to the public's awards.  ArtPrize will never be perfect.  Some great art will still go unseen by the masses, but now art critics and the general public both get a say.

Stop capitalizing letters where it's not needed. ArtPrize.   LaughFestCashMob.  I've even seen some people do it with "LipDub".  Are we going through a spacebar shortage I am not aware of?

Support a local band. Grand Rapids has never been short on talented musicians.  May I suggest starting with The Crane Wives?

If you're going to drive slow on 131, drive in the slow lane. Just imagine how much easier that summertime trip to the north could be.

Visit a Grand Rapids brewery. So many breweries, so little time.  Not a beer drinker?  With so many local beers available, you may want to reconsider.  Founders and Brewery Vivant are a couple of good places to start.

Any to add?