Wow, if the reports coming out of college football are true then Jim Harbaugh’s may be able to turn his famous khaki in to some serious green.

This according to Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report who says the former NFL coach and current coach of number three ranked Michigan has several NFL teams are already prepared to make "mega-offers" to Harbaugh after the season ends.

Still, it should also be noted that Freeman admits that there’s virtually no chance Harbaugh leaves Ann Arbor, but still, teams are certainly going to ask him to consider it.

And they will give him millions of things—and by that I mean dollars of course—to consider.

Harbaugh is only 52, which is young by college and NFL coaching standards. It would be silly to say Harbaugh will never return to pro football, but we’ve all heard the entertaining stories from recruits about how awesome the former quarterback is at landing top prospects. Michigan shouldn’t have to worry about finding another coach for a long time.