This past week we were getting listeners qualified to come up to the studio to play "Nickel back for Nickleback" tickets and backstage passes.  This is a game where you dig through three thousand pennies to find ONE nickel, in the shortest amount of time, like a needle in a haystack. We had many qualifiers come up to the studio and play in an elimination round to get to our final 4, since its NCAA Final Four time as well.  The Final 4 were Liam, Jody, Jim and Anne.

Liam went first and found the nickel in an amazing 24 seconds.  I have played this game many times, that is a very fast pace.  Kind of exciting that it happened first, because the next 3 contestants had to at least get it in 23 seconds or less to beat him. Jody - FROM ALLEGAN - went second, she gave it one heck of a try, but it was not too long before the 24 second buzzer sounded on her.

With 24 seconds still the time to beat Jim took his shot, but to no avail as the time ran out on him as well. That did not stop him from going through those pennies to find that nickel...  He did, about 2 minutes later. So now it is down to the last determined contestant, Anne, who had the fastest time of all in qualifying.  Liam by this time is jumping up an down ready to celebrate if he won. Anne gets the green light to go, she is giving it a good run and thought she spotted the nickel a few times. The time was running out, four, three, two, one... the lights went out on her.

Liam in such excitement jumped and down and knocked his head on the TV in the studio, don't worry he is fine, but the TV however is not. It was so cool to have you, the listener, in studio to have fun with us on air. Congrats to Liam Kelley for winning the tickets and backstage passes to see Nickleback this April 12th at the Van Andel.  Check back for video of the game soon!