Today's Showbiz Top 5:  Hugh Hefner's ex-fiance, Crystal Harris, spilled her guts about her and Hef's sexy time on national television!  Gossip girl Leighton Meester is demanding that her brother come live with her and leave their plastic surgery addicted mother behind.  Their is a rumor floating around about a possible 'Sex In The City' prequel, with a star studded cast playing the younger versions of the girls. Britney Spears' touring partner, Nicki Minaj, was reportedly victim of a busted lip after her boyfriend allegadly assaulted her in a Dallas hotel room.  And finally, an update on the break up between Kat Von D and Jesse James.  This is your Showbiz Top 5!

Crystal Harris: Sex with Hef lasted 'two seconds'

Leighton Meester and her mama drama: Trading lawsuits

Sex And The City Prequel Cast

Nicki Minaj Police Report Leaked; Safaree Hit Nicki Minaj With Suitecase!

Jesse James and Kat Von D Split