News is a bit slow tonight, BUT it is still Fat Tuesday AND National Pancake day! That gives us plenty to discuss!

I learned two major things today..

1. The People Who Work at Townsquare Grand Rapids LOVE Paczkis!

Not only was there an endless supply in the break room, there was a box that wasn't even touched! Everyone said the prune flavored packis would be gross, guess what? I tried one, err, two, and they were amazing.


2. National Pancake Day In My Kitchen Was A Fail

I tried my best to celebrate National Pancake Day with a healthy breakfast today. These pancakes are made with mashed up bananas and 2 eggs. Normally they come out pretty good and are really healthy, but this morning not so much.

There's your night owl update. Go make some pancakes! Could I nickname this my turtle pancake?