Have a busy day today? Here's what you missed. Grand Rapids Police need your help, gas prices are jumping, what was once the world's largest theater is being torn down, and 'The Birds' might be coming back to the big screen!

There is so much noise online and on TV, sometimes it's hard to get a quick glimpse of the big stories of the day that you really might care about.

For my fellow night owls, here's what you missed today:


1. Hit and Run

Police are looking for the driver of a tan Ford that hit a woman and killed her Monday morning. The woman was hit when she was walking along Michigan Street near Bel Air Drive. Unfortunately there were no witnesses, but after analyzing some of the debris, police believe they're looking for a tan Ford. If you have any info call Grand Rapids Police at 616-456-3604.


2. Gas Prices Are Jumping (or have jumped).

Depending on what time you're reading this, gas prices are either up or going up. As of this post the cheapest gas is at Speedway on lake Michigan Dr & Collindale for $3.63, and the most expensive is up to $3.75 at various gas stations around Grand Rapids. Word is we could be seeing prices hanging out around $3.71.


3. That's A Wrap for Studio 28

Studio 28 will be torn down in the next 4 weeks due to the condition of the building. Crazy to think it was once the largest multiplex in the world!


4. The Birds

Speaking of the movies, and no this isn't a post about the Oscars (but you can read about those here). In fact, with all the news of The Oscars, you may have missed this. There's rumor that Alfred Hitchock's 'The Birds' is being remade by Michael Bay. Let that sink in!