My Friday was made even better with an amazing dose of  NKOTBSB. The were on the ‘Today’ show this morning, performing a mash-up of  two of my favorite songs!

The audience was filled with screaming girls, a mix of women who grew up on NKOTB and BSB, and those who are experiencing them for the first time! Much like the crowd last Thursday night at Van Andel Arena.

NKOTB went on first, with ‘You Got It (The Right Stuff).’

The Kids also did their signature dance, you know it, and you know that you practiced it when you were a kid. It felt like I was 7 again, only without the neon green scrunchie.

BSB took the stage next with ‘Larger Than Life.’

The hotness! Oh, the hotness.  It made me wish that it was last Thursday night all over again.

Check out the video below.