Now wouldn't breast milk be considered food AND drink? Either way if you're swimming at a public facility in England- it is not okay to nurse your child inside the pool.  The woman, Imajica Gilroy, who was recently approached for breast feeding her nine month old baby in a hot tub, was informed by the lifeguard that her baby was violating the no food or drink policy. Apparently, the policy doesn't not discriminate, and age is not a pass to break the rules. What he didn't realize was that it is illegal to forbid a woman from nursing in public. After reminding the lifeguard of this law, he decided to let it go. She also commented on the pool's website and they replied with an apology to her.

Imajica was still not pleased though. She's planning a "nurse in" protest next month.

The general manager of the pool released a statement that they do support a woman's right to breast feed in public, just not while they're inside the pool/hot tub. Fair enough, 9 month old babies are probably better off avoiding the hot tub anyways. Just saying.