I've been seeing posts pop up all over Facebook from people super excited that AMC's The Walking Dead will be filming in Grand Rapids in September. If that were actually going to happen, it would be awesome. But, it's not happening. It's all a big joke.

Unlike back in April when people believed that The Notebook 2 would be filming in Wyoming, Mich., this time the source that it's coming from isn't even a satire site. It's literally just a site that's set up to troll people.

When it pops up it looks legit enough. I mean, there's a headline, there's a photo of Daryl, there's a web address that may or may not seem like it's a legitimate news source (earlyview.net), but that's where it ends.

If you click the link, it eventually takes you to a site that basically shows you exactly what you just saw on Facebook - the preview. If you click on that preview, you get to go to a site with a cartoon clown on it that tells you how many other people had fallen for the "prank". (As of the writing of this, it's been 398,681 - if you're curious.)

So, sorry to break it to you, but The Walking Dead won't be filming in Grand Rapids any time soon. But, it'd be pretty cool if they did.