If you know me, you know I'm all about that comfy life. I wear leggings most of the week but so I seem more "professional" I try and wear jeans at least twice a week LOL. But not everyone has the luxury of being able to wear what they want to work and those people are missing out!

Inc.com released a list of 11 work habits that make you seem unprofessional which Connie & Curtis talked about this morning. #8 on the list is dressing unprofessionally. While none of us are "slobs" here, Connie made a comment about how lucky we are that we don't have to come to work everyday dressed in "business casual/professional" and I couldn't agree more! It would be horrible. I commend those that have to wake up earlier just so they can look pretty.

While there are obvious perks to being on air I would say, for me personally, the biggest work perk would be not having to dress up everyday. As you can see in the picture below I'm very happy about this.

Christine George/TSM

Julie seems to be happy too that she can wear a blanket to work LOL!

Christine George/TSM

What is your favorite work perk?