The best part of waking up?  Nope, not coffee...  It's getting to hang out with some of your best buds in a 6-foot steel cube at 4:45am!  Today Connie, Fish, our good friend JoJo from 98.7 WFGR, and myself got stuck in the elevator on the first floor of our building.

With the heat rapidly rising and the walls seemingly closing in, Connie quickly hit the alarm and pressed the elevator service button.  The speaker in the elevator rings like a phone and the operator answers "elevator!"  Do you think that is part of their script?  When the phone rings, answer with "elevator!"

After a brief conversation, we were told that help was on the way!  About 10 minutes later our building manager, Phil, was attempting to pry the doors open with no success.  He then reset the elevator and sent it up to the top floor where the doors FINALLY OPENED!  FREEEEEEEEEEEDOM!!!!!

We then had to walk down a few flights of stairs, but it felt so good to be out of that situation!  Connie and Fish are a little bit claustrophobic, so it was good that we weren't stuck in there for much longer.

We were lucky that we were stuck in the elevator with people that we liked.  If you had to pick someone to get stuck in the elevator with, who would it be?