As much as her trainwreck behavior makes me want to hurl, I came across a story that made me as happy as a teenage school girl getting the new copy of Justin Bieber's CD!  The necklace she shoplifted was not worth even close to the amount she thought.  And her nasty taste in jewelery might get her a reduced sentence!

Reading the latest Lindsay saga on TMZ, the self-destructive dirtbag of an actress thought she was stealing a necklace worth $2,500, which constitutes grand larceny.  Turns out, the piece of jewelery is worth around a third of what she thought.  TMZ interviewed A San Fernando Valley Jeweler who says,

"The chain would sell in the jewelery district in downtown L.A. for $800 tops, probably much less."

Ironically enough, because of her bad taste in a necklace, means it could very well be the key to her defense,  since less than $900 is a petty theft charge which is a misdemeanor offense that only carries a maximum of 6 months in jail, opposed to grand larceny which is a felony which carries a much harsher sentence.  That's our Lindsay!  Way to go!