OK Go, the music video gurus, have just released a brand new video of their rendition of the 'Muppet Show Theme Song'. The video is a really good look back a lot of OK Go's past video masterpieces mixed with some awesome Muppet humor.

I mean, you can't really lose with this combination, can you? I've watched the video seven times already. My favorite part? Waldorf and Statler (the old guys who sit in the balcony) watching the video: "OK Go and the Muppets? Sounds pretty exciting. Hmm. Let's watch cat videos". Check it out after the jump!

You can grab the song, along with other Muppets-related music, on The Muppets: Green Album, which was released today. As for watching the new Muppet movie, which this song is promoting, we'll have to wait until November 23rd. Until then, you can just watch this video on repeat.