Be still my teen age heart. One of the biggest crushes I had in high school is headed to West Michigan. So what if we're both 40 years older. Love knows no age.

'Grease' star and '70s recording icon Olivia Newton-John will be making an appearance at the Cacscade Meijer next Monday, October 10 from 2 to 5pm to promote her Pink and Blue wines. The Chardonnay and Caberet Sauvignon wines are sold to help promote breast cancer (pink) and prostate cancer (blue) awareness. The wine is a colloboration between Newton-John and her nephew, Emerson newton-John, a race car driver.

According to, Meijer is the first retailer to carry the wine brand, and it will be stocked at all of Meijer sotres.

Newton-John will be available for autographs and photos at the event Monday.

Newton-John has been an active promoter of the Pink and Blue for Two charity since her own battle with breast cancer in 1992. 

If you get a chance, ask her about the whacked out theory that Sandy was dead in the movie 'Grease', and the whole thing was a fantasy playing out in her head before she headed off to heaven with Danny in his car, Greased Lightning.