If you've been on the dating scene in 2014, you've no doubt tried online dating. I'm noticing something that has been driving me nuts. Ladies, I'm looking at you on this one.

You just ended a relationship, you're new to town, or you're just too busy to meet someone in the traditional sense; so what do you do? You do what a lot of people in 2014 are doing, you take it to the net. After all, online dating is no more risky than meeting someone at the bar.

With all that said, I'm new to the area and wouldn't mind meeting new people, so I started an online dating profile. I've done this in other towns I've lived in (I've moved around a lot). Have I found love? No, but I've made friends outside of work and that makes living in a new city easier, plus it's an adventure.

One thing that's driving me nuts is the unrealistic expectations from some of the people who are also single and looking to mingle.

Am I wrong, or is it in bad taste to list how much you want your match to make per year? That is so tacky! It's not like I've seen this posted on just one profile, I've seen it on a majority of the single profiles in West Michigan. No offense, but if that's you, you're coming across as a gold digger.

My other favorites are the women who put what exact college level they want their match to have. To me it's less tacky than putting how much they need to make, but it's still a huge turn off.

It's dating, it's having fun, it's not a job interview.

This might make me come off as bitter. Maybe you're thinking, 'well Josh isn't getting any online action.' You would be right, because I've been so turned off by the pretentiousness of some of the other online daters.

Am I wrong?

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