Hey kids, go ahead and print this out and stick it on your fridge.  I wish they made headlines like this when I was your age.  Mom and Dad, read on and get all of the details.

The popularity of 3-D movies and video games is growing as prices come down and available 3-D titles increase.  But is 3-D good for kids?  News is mixed.

Nintendo says kids under 6 shouldn't use the Nintendo 3DS because it can cause eye problems. Optometrists disagree.  Optometrists say that kids who don't see the 3-D effect or experience dizziness should get their eyes checked. It could be an early warning sign of "lazy eye" or other problems which may be easier to correct at a younger age.

Can Nintendo 3DS replace a visit to your doctor?  No.  Optometrists are excited because most kids under 6 don't get a full eye exam and 3D can be used as an additional tool for catching vision disorders at a young age.

But reviews are mixed even among eye professionals.  Not all optometrists and ophthalmologists agree on how good 3D is at identifying vision disorders, but most agree that it will not HARM your child's eyes.

Hey kids, good luck convincing Mom and Dad that you NEED a Nintendo 3DS.  (just for health reasons, of course)  But there are other ways.  If you're worried about your child's vision or the effects of 3D, talk to your doctor.