Sacha Baron Cohen is known for his stunts. He's pulled quite a few of them over the years while doing publicity for his movies, but this one is probably my favorite ever. Check out the video after the jump!

Sunday night, on the Oscar's red carpet, Cohen showed up dressed as the "General" from his latest film The Dictator, complete with models dressed as soldiers. He carried with him an urn with a picture of Kim Jong-Il, the recently deceased ruler of North Korea. Most were shocked to see him there, and in costume, after rumors circulated last week that he had been banned from the awards show.

Cohen joked about his outfit saying,

The socks are from K-Mart...Saddam Hussein once said to me, socks are socks, don't waste money!

Seacrest managed to hold it together pretty well after being covered in gray dust (that hopefully weren't actually someone's ashes), but had to spend the rest of the night explaining to other celebs why he looked the way he did.