This just in!  Papa John (John Schnatter) is suing Papa John's because Papa John's asked Papa John to step down as Chairman of the Board after Schnatter used a racial slur during a conference call with a marketing firm.

Schnatter had admitted to using the slur and decided to resign from his position while still staying on as a member of the board.  But now, Schnatter is suing his former company.

Schnatter is seeking to inspect company documents regarding the incident "because of the unexplained and heavy-handed way in which the company has treated him since the publication of a story that falsely accused him of using a racial slur."

Excuse me, Mr. Scnatter, you admitted to using the slur.  In fact, you used the slur in response to a question of whether you were racist.  And then said you'd never use that word, even though you had just said it.

So, Papa John is mad that Papa John's didn't investigate his admission to using a racial slur, or something?  I'm not quite sure what Schnatter hopes to achieve with this lawsuit other than tarnishing his brand's name even more.

It seems like Papa John wants all of his dough.  It will probably be a saucy trial, but rest assured that the verdict will be delivered in 30 minutes or it's free.  I'm not that clever to have come up with those jokes myself, we can all thank the collective hive mind of Reddit for those.