How far would you go to fund your child's education? Well, a parent in the Boston area was willing to go pretty far. In an ad placed on Craigslist, this parent offered up their body for "legal or medically experimental".

The post has since been removed from Craiglist, but the poster was looking for $200,000 to cover their child's student loans.

According to WCVB TV Boston, the post "Do You Need A Live Cadaver? Take My Body", was posted in the "jobs wanted" section of the Boston Craiglist earlier last week.

"If you eliminate my children's student loans, I will give you my life!" was one of many claims made in the ad. As well as, "Take my blood, take my plasma. Drill into my brain, my leg, my arm. Tap my heart, my liver, my kidney. I am very very serious."

I understand that college tuition is pretty astronomical, but this seems a bit extreme.