A cute little schnauzer by the name of Layza is getting lots of attention on social media for being so darn adorable wearing her backpack.

Marcie Vargas, owner of the eight year old pup, says that Layza is a very anxious dog. She says that when they leave her alone at the house she whines and makes a mess. She is a very family oriented dog and is very attached.

One night when the family was going out for a while, they decided to take Layza to a friends house. To bring Layza some ease, they packed her her own little backpack. The cute little pouch was equipped with some mini dog bones, a sweater and her leash.

Before they parted, Vargas posted some pictures to social media and before they knew it, little Layza went viral. The pictures are being shared and posted all over the internet. People just can't handle the cuteness.