This just in!  More than half of parents are on Facebook so they can spy on their kids.  Is this true for you?

Parents aren't the only ones using the social network to find out what people are up to in his or her daily lives!  The CIA has been working with Facebook creator, Mark Zuckerberg, to use his program to track any and all persons of interest.  The agency claims that Facebook saves them tons of money in background checks because you and I are so willing to post our every move, post pictures of our families and friends, as well as share personal information.

Believe it or not, the CIA is considering asking us to voluntarily offer blood samples to post our type on Facebook in case they're trying to make a match during an investigation!  Can I hear a 'Yikes-and-a-half??'

Check out more findings and a video of how the CIA now exclusively uses Facebook to track people throughout the world!  Click here.