Paul Blart is not the worst security guard of all time, the worst lives and works in Houston at the Menil Collection Museum. The museum is home to some of the world's finest private collections of art, so it has some pretty good money invested in the security system.

Even so, reports, that an idiotic vandal spray painted a bull with the word "Conquista" on the 1929 original Picasso masterpiece called the "Woman in Red Armchair."

After noticing what was going on, a paying tourist visiting the museum started videotaping the thug in action. The guy doing the videotaping was then quickly confronted by "Paul Blart", a museum security guard, who was acting hard and warned him that taking pictures of any kind is not allowed inside the museum while the vandal quickly ran away.

I am not sure if the security guard still has his job, but a chief conservator began repairing the painting immediately and the Picasso has "an excellent prognosis" since the spray paint was not able to fully dry. If we get any more info, we will be sure to pass it on.

**Video contains graphic language**