Let’s talk about this for a second; traffic patterns have changed at Leonard and 131.  It’s quite different and it’s amazing how FEW people have actually realized it.  I’ve almost been hit a few times on my way home.

A few weeks ago, when this went live, the city sent out this graphic:

City of Grand Rapids

I'm not sure people quite understood what the professionally designed map/picture was saying.  So here’s the rundown (with pics attached):  If you’re westbound on Leonard St.,  as you approach the 131 interchange, you now have two left turn lanes and ONE through lane.  That means if you plan to stay on Leonard then you should be in the FAR RIGHT lane.

Notice the signs with arrows that show this:

Westbound on Leonard St.

Rob Sparks/Townsquare Media

To me, the more important traffic change came from when you exit 131 North on the Leonard Street exit. Before, the left two lanes were turn-lanes to Leonard; that’s not the case anymore. Now, only the FAR LEFT lane is a turn lane. The middle two lanes are to continue through Leonard on Scribner St.


RobSparks/Townsquare Media

Again this change is shown with arrows both on a sign AND on the roadway.

RobSparks/Townsquare Media

Hopefully, this clears up some confusion… probably not, but the next time someone honks and flips me off because they think I cut them off when turning on to Leonard from Scribner, I’ll at least feel better because of this blog.