Normally, we won't talk too much about out of town sports, but in this case it needs to be mentioned since it is another Big 10 school we are discussing. We are all well aware of the mess that Penn State University has become in the wake of the horrible events that happened, but it just got even worse for the University.

Yesterday, we heard of the Joe Paterno statue getting torn down and, well today... the presser of sanctions. Since I have the day off today I'm able to watch it, as a matter of fact it is still on all over TV, but I have it on ESPN.

NCAA President Mark Emmert imposed serious fines today of major and epic proportions. The penalties are 60 million in fines to help benefit non-profits, 4 year postseason ban, loss of ten scholarships each year for four years, vacation of all wins from 1998 to 2011, and any of the current players can transfer without penalty.

Harsh penalties, and well deserved, but this is not the end of all this mess, but at least it will take the focus off football and help get the culture back to where we expect it to be at Penn State.