This is a great story!  A 10 year old from Grand Rapids is doing something to make sure our homeless population is a bit warmer.

Ayden Quimby is 10 years old and he’s collecting blankets for the homeless.  He calls it 'The Ayden Project 2016' and according to WOODTV he puts a note in every blanket he hands out that says

“The Ayden Project 2016: Because everyone deserves to be warm.”

He started the project three years ago with a goal of getting 10 blankets donated and handed out.  The next year he handed out 25 blankets.  His goal this year was to hand out 300 blankets.

Back in Septemeber, WOOD TV did a story on Ayden, and since then he’s landed some national attention.  Because of the stories, he’s already collected 500 blankets.  A pilot for American Airlines saw the story in September and donated 300 blankets.  The Kent County Sheriff’s office and other business and churches have also donated blankets.

So amazing that at 10 years old, he’s this conscious about helping others.  He told WOODTV there was a reason for that

He gives because he knows what it’s like to be homeless. A few years ago, he lived with his mother in a car.