OH. MY. GOSH This story has just gotten even better.

Last week, I shared with you a Facebook post from a 4 year old in Saginaw Township, named Leighton Powers, whose birthday wish was for “All bad guys to stop hurting police officers.”  He even prayed with his mom for the safety of all police officers.

Well the Michigan State Police saw the video, and actually shared it on their Facebook page.  They didn’t stop there, they actually paid Leighton a visit Thursday to thank him for his birthday wish and prayer.  They then loaded him up with a bunch Michigan State Police items and let him check out a “real” police car, up close and personal!

THIS. Is what it’s all about, taking time to remember life is more than just you!

(I do wonder if they explained why the State Police have the big red light on top, I really am curious about that..) -Rob