Kids these days… are doing a lot more than we were at their age!

Evan Wilson lives in Ontario Canada, and he turned six last month. He celebrated his birthday with a party, games and of course a birthday cake; but there were no presents to open.

That’s because Evan who loves animals decided that instead of presents he wanted to make a donation to  Constance Creek, a local wildlife refuge. So after his party, he was able to make a donation of $122 to help the animals.

“It’s just so heartening and such a huge surprise (for someone at Evan’s age] to make a generous offer,” said wildlife refuge founder Lynne Rowe to Ottawa Community News.

His mom said he got the idea when he was four and they went to a little girl's birthday party where she had asked for money so she could donate to local families in need.

Evan says next year he plans to ask for money again so he can make another donation somewhere.  He also hopes his story will encourage other kids thinks about others or animals when their birthdays come around.


When I was four and six all I wanted was trucks and bikes.  I love that kids now days are so much more aware of the world around them and want to help.  I can’t wait to see this generation grown up and help change the world.