Since I’ve moved to Grand Rapids, I’ve been very impressed with the level of courtesy and professionalism of the Grand Rapids Police Department.  While other departments are knee deep in controversy, our police department seems to really be trying to be active in community policing and being a great role model for our younger residents, rather than just an intimidating factor.

This past week, on three separate occasions, officers were spotted enjoying moments with kids.


  • Resident Keith Brown, spotted an officer walking with 3 young kids down Alpine. It looks as though the officer might have even bought the kids a few snacks.  (side note: I don’t know this for sure, but it looks like Officer Ickes that we’ve mentioned a few times before)
  • On August 10th, Officer Hintz and Officer Leonard were on patrol when they saw two girls raising some money with a lemonade stand. So they stopped, bought a couple glasses of lemonade and enjoyed a few laughs with the girls.

In one of the comments the girls’ mom, Kelly,  thanks the officers for the visit

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to put smiles on my girlies! GRPD YOU ROCK!!!!


  • Finally a week ago, Officer Jessica Johnson and a ride-along partner were patrolling along Grandville Ave SW when a lady flagged them down to ask for help with a rowdy group of kids playing soccer. She was outnumbered and needed some help to win the game.  Officer Johnson her ride-along partner along with the young lady played a good game but were still beat by the boys.

I love that in a time when some people would have you believe there is NO GOOD happening in our country, we have easily found three instances where that’s not true.  Thanks GRPD for continuing to lead by example!