Lately, negativity and fighting has been the main story and conversation, which is why I keep trying to find these stories.

The other day, Ionia DPS Officer Chad Jones stopped a car that he spotted speeding along. Tara Smus was like most of us, completely absorbed in the events of our day. She was running late, wanting to get one more errand done before her bible study started at 9:30 a.m.

When she was pulled over, she immediately worried that because she suffers from Parkinson’s disease, it would affect the interaction between Officer Jones and herself.

She talked to the officer about how many people don’t understand how Parkinson’s affects one's speech and body movements. She also said then when she gets nervous she stutters and has problems getting words out while trying to explain herself. She explained all of this in the beginning of the traffic stop.

Officer Jones listened and did what he could to make the stop less stressful. Tara also appreciated the patience that Officer Jones showed during the interaction. Something Tara is not necessarily used to, when dealing with new people.

Tara was so impressed with the officer’s patience and professionalism, she sent the Ionia Department of Public Safety a private message on Facebook. Kudos to Officer Jones, thank you for representing your community!

Thanks Tara for sharing your gratitude. We all need to take more time saying thanks and good job rather than looking for things to complain or seem self-righteous about.