Pizza Hut has been an innovator in the pizza chain world for as long as they've been around, but I think they've really outdone themselves this time!

This year, Pizza Hut has decided to get into the proposal business. Don't want to figure out the most romantic way to pop the question to your lady? That's cool, just order your proposal kit from the fine folks at Pizza Hut.

The "Tie The Knot With The $10 Dinner Box" package includes:

A red ruby ring (because, duh, Pizza Hut is red!)
Limo service (I don't know if this is just limo service to Pizza Hut, or if you can pick somewhere else).
A fireworks show (explosions?!? This proposal keeps getting better and better!).
A Photographer and a videographer (so you can capture every cheesy {see what I did there?} moment.
A $10 dinner box (which includes a medium rectangular pan pizza, five breadsticks, and 10 cinnamon sticks in one box).

    Now, if you're thinking "this is the perfect idea!" we love pizza AND each other, you better act fast. There are only 10 of these packages available nation wide.

    And, if this proposal doesn't end up the way you wanted it, sorry. There are no do-overs. There's a limit of one package per person, and it has to be purchased before Valentine's Day.

    The total cost? $10,010! What a bargain!

    Or not.