New rules state that schools are to rid themselves of junk food as an effort to cut the childhood obesity rate. What do you think?

The rule includes things like high calorie sport drinks as well as soda and other super sugary or salty snacks. These items are to be replaced with healthier options like diet drinks and granola bars.

The rule could take effect as early as this coming school year.

The law about healthier food was passed back in 2010 which forced schools to change what they served for school lunch. However, vending machines and "a-la-cart" lines were not regulated until now. Most of these "a-la-cart" lines sell unhealthy options like nachos and cookies.

So, that begs the question. Do you trust your kids to make their own choices. or should the government be able to regulate what your kids eat. Clearly, these snacks make money for the schools however, they are making the youth gain weight. What do you think?