A psychic in Texas is being ordered to pay close to 7 Million in damages after she called the cops about a mass grave site that turned out to be fake.

The psychic known as "Angel" is being reported to pay a Texas couple about 7 million dollars after she thought she felt the presence of 25-30 people reaching out to her from a mass grave on the couples property.

The couple are two truck drivers and were not home when the police took the tip with 100% seriousness and ransacked the couples home and yard. The couple came home to broken dishes, overturned furniture and animal urine as well as feces.

The couple says they've lost respect of the neighborhood as well as some friends because of the false reading.

Police have been unable to find ANY evidence that the mass grave exists.

Last month Angel failed to show up to court. So, the Texas couple will be getting a nice sum of money to put their life back together.