If you have not heard this story yet, let's tell it to you now. In a Kentucky Grocery Super-Center, a woman sat down on the toilet in the public restroom and couldn't get up for 60 minutes because some idiot thought it would be funny to put super glue on the toilet seat.

OK, maybe I'm an idiot, too, because I think it is kind of funny if no one got hurt. Huffington Post reports that the paramedics were called to the scene after the woman screamed for help from the toilet... well, guess it is not that funny then.

It took almost an hour for the help to remove her from the toilet, but with the toilet seat still attached to her. (This can not actually be a true story, someone is pulling my leg...) It was eventually removed surgically at a hospital. Even though the act is funny in theory, it actually is never funny to have to have something removed in the E.R.