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Back at the beginning of August, 3-1-1 got a call from someone hearing faint meows coming from a storm drain.  So they sent out Grand Rapids Environmental Services Department to see what was going on.  When ESD arrived, they found a kitten down in the storm drain.  They tried to rescue the kitten, but they ended up scaring it further into the sewer.

So they told neighbors to keep and eye/ear open for the cat to return so they could come back and successfully rescue him.

12 hours later ESD got another call saying the kitten was back in reach, so they headed out and were able to rescue the little kitty around 3 a.m.

City of Grand Rapids Environmental Services Department via Facebook

When they first got him out, he was very skinny and covered in fleas so they took him to the Kent County Animal Shelter for immediate attention. That’s where he was named Puddles.  After a few weeks he was ready to be adopted… and who decided he was perfect for her family?  ESD’s storm water manager, Carrie Rivette.

“My cat just passed away, so when I heard about the rescue of Puddles, I felt like it was fate for him to come home with me,” Rivette said in a press release


Fate was definitely at work. Sounds like Puddles will have a great life!

City of Grand Rapids Environmental Services Department via Facebook

Source: WZZM