Rex the dog tweets "Lunchtime! I'm having a workday lunch today so please ignore all the crumbs around the keyboard."  And your dog can too with Mattel's new 'Puppy Tweets'!If all your dog says is 'woof' or 'bark' then you need to pick him/her up 'Puppy Tweets'.  This would be a great holiday gift for any die hard dog owner.  You just snap on a device to your dog's collar and plug in a receiver to your computer and you are good to go.  The device has sensors on it that will pick up on your dog's behavior, and broadcast a message to the receiver, which in turn will tweet what he/she is doing.

Mattel gives a few examples of what 'Puppy Tweet' can do:

If your dog is barking you might get a Tweet like “Bark…and the whole neighborhood barks with you!” When she’s sleeping, look out for “Had a wonderful dream about you. You were bringing me snacks!” And at lunch your puppy might say “You at lunch? Remember the two most beautiful words in the English language: DOGGIE BAG!”

Alright now that I gave you the premise of the device... what do you think about it?  Is it too much?  Do you really need to know when your dog is sleeping?  I am not a dog owner so I can't really understand the usefulness of this (until they come out with one for a cat, because I have made facebook pages for both of my cats.  You can friend request them here:  Moochin and Zoey... Haha, does that make me lame?  In my defense I was bored.)

Anyway, back on topic... You can order 'Puppy Tweets' on for under $25 or you can pick it up while you are out on the road doing some holiday shopping at Target or Toys R' Us.  'Puppy Tweets' from Mattel