Rachel Platten will be coming to The Intersection this Saturday, June 2nd as part of her 53 Steps Tour, and now she's encouraging all of her fans to take those 53 steps.

On her website, Rachel explains the steps:

  1. From wherever you are (home, work, Starbucks, etc.), go outside and take 53 steps.
  2. Snap a photo. Be as creative as you want to be, and feel free to use your favorite editing apps!
  3. Upload your photo to Instagram (or Pinterest) and tag it with #53steps and mention @RachelPlatten.
  4. Recieve a free download of Rachel’s exclusive acoustic track of 53 Steps (we’ll get ahold of you via Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter - hint: share your photo on Twitter with the same tags).
  5. Rachel will share some of her favorites on her website!

Seems simple enough. Not to mention, pretty fun! Check out the video below to see what Rachel finds 53 steps from her apartment.

Tickets for Saturday night's show are only $12 and are still available at the Intersection box office, or online at sectionlive.com!