Everyone who ever secretly wanted to have orange hair, wear a shiny blue dress, ride a flying horse (or unicorn?) and hang out with Sprites just emitted a collective "SQUEEEEEEEE!" because Rainbow Brite will be returning to television.

That's right, everyone's favorite show about the adventures of the color protector and her friends (sidekick Twink, the color kids, her horse Starlite, and her human friend Brian) is coming back.

How do we know? Actress Emily Osment spilled the beans on Instagram. She posted a photo of the script for the reboot's first episode, and let us know that she'll be the voice behind the title character.

I'm pretty excited about this reboot. My main concern (other than how they're going to animate her in this go-around) is what we should call the middle-aged men who suddenly become obsessed with the show. I mean, My Little Pony has "bronies", will we call the guys who love Rainbow Brite "rainbros"?