Sometimes I run out of time on the radio to get all of my random thoughts out to the world, this could be a dangerous read...

Summer is around the corner! The temperature doesn't show it, but everything else does.


Sign #1: 'The Walking Dead' Finale

Let's start out with 'The Walking Dead,' the season finale is next Sunday on AMC. Fair warning, there may be some spoilers for anyone who is not caught up with the last few episodes (don't pass Hershel if you're not caught up!) 

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Big developments, all the questions were answered about some of the creepy things that were going on at the prison. So now they're all starting to wander into Terminus. Anyone else feel that Terminus will be worse than Woodbury? After all, what was Mary cooking up? Hmmm or Mmmmm?

I understand that if you didn't see Sunday night's episode none of that makes sense to you. But long story short, we get the finale next week and word is that it will lead us into SUMMER with a crazy cliffhanger.


#2 Oberon!

Nothing screams summer like Oberon!! Wendy is geeked, check out her blog about it.



#3 Can I Have Some Money?

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Final sign that summer is around the corner is that it's hard to walk anywhere downtown without being asked for money. We discussed this on today's show because I ran into this last weekend.

Someone asked me for money when I was downtown but I felt REALLY uncomfortable getting my wallet out in a dark parking lot when I'm alone. I think we all want to be good people, but it's so hard to figure out who is scamming you and who is not.

Here's what everyone on Facebook had to say about giving people money.

So there ya go! Summer is almost here! Yes, you have everyone's permission to deliver a dirty look to anyone who says 'it's just hot.'