There’s a lot of healthy things to eat out there… but I’m not sure these should EVER be a thing!

The other day, Angela, who has an office next door to mine, asked me if I wanted a wasabi chip?  At first I was like "yeah that sounds unique and cool."  Then she brought the package over to my office.  I got really excited at first because the package kind of looks like Chips Ahoy! cookies, but it’s far from it.

Look closer… it’s wasabi flavored SEAWEED chips!

Yes, people actually excitedly look for ways to make seaweed taste good.  All I ever do is scream when it touches me when I’m swimming in the ocean, but people are really like “Hey, let’s dry this out, add seasoning and EAT IT!”

They look like the cellophane paper that you used for science fair projects… or those Listerine strips.  I kept expecting it do dissolve on my tongue; which it might have, but after putting it in my mouth and trying to crunch on it, I had to spit it out.  It didn’t stay in my mouth long enough to see if it would dissolve.

And of course I had to wonder “ IS THIS GONNA KILL ME??”

Needless to say, I don’t recommend these wasabi seaweed chips.  I do howver gladly endorse Chips Ahoy! cookies!!