[/caption]Spring is giving us a little preview of it's splendor as the week draws to a close.  With temperatures in the upper 40's yesterday and perhaps near 60 today, it just feels great!  And as the day progresses a 100 year old record may be broken.

The previous record high temperature occurred in 1911 and came in at 55 degrees.  Today the forecast is anywhere between 54 and 56 depending on which weather service you get your information from.  Two other records are more likely to be beaten today, the cities of Muskegon and Holland both have forecasts of several degrees higher than their previous records.  Muskegon's record was recorded at 50 degrees in 1911, and Holland at 51 degrees in 1984.

Holland is supposed to be up to 52 today, edging out the previous record by a single degree.  Muskegon is scheduled to reach 52 as well, surpassing the record by a few degrees.

It could be a record setting day across West Michigan, stay tuned to Channel 957 to find out if, and when, those old records are broken.

Oh and just for fun, I looked up the hottest temperature ever recorded on earth... 136 degrees in El Azizia in 1922.  Now THAT is a scorcher!!