Although he's currently starring as the celebrity coach on NBC's "The Voice," Usher is making great strides in the recording process for his eighth studio album.

Rico Love, who is contributing to the project, has revealed what fans can anticipate.

"He's in a great place, and sonically, he's sounding the best he's ever sounded," Rico told MTV News recently. "But he always gets better vocally with each album. I always noticed that about him."

Usher and Love have a long history of collaborating, beginning with Usher's 2004 diamond-selling "Confessions."

"Got in the studio with Usher, we did some really amazing records -- really amazing records," Love said. "Me and Usher are really like brothers. Me and Usher will fight, we'll beef and won't speak for a while."

He continues: "It's always a good time when I'm in the studio with Usher, but we really did some classic sh**. Everybody says that, but I feel like I've earned the right to be able to say that and [have] it mean something."

Fans can expect Usher's next album also to include contributions from Pharrell Williams. The set is slated to arrive later this year, and is the follow-up to 2012's "Looking 4 Myself."

-- Erick Oloo, The Touch Radio

Source: The Touch Radio